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Manual Press 130


Manual Press 130



How to use Manual Press 130

Machine used to cover buttons with fabric, apply eyelets, rivets, etc.

Cable of millimetric precision, millimetric setting and perfect adaptation of toos and matrices.

Fastening the press

Place on a stready table using scews that come with it

Matrices to cover buttons

Superior part: for pressure buttons, eyelets, rivets, etc. Fasten the matrice screwing it until the base reaches the axis.

Inferior part: for buttons and other pieces. Put the matrice and push the screw a bit


Spin the grey head (3Q) anticlockwise until it it paralel to the end of the axis (U). Put the matrice and set the lateral cable until it is fully pressed. Keep it this way and spin the grey head (3Q) clockwise until it touches the pipe (4R). Go the cable back and then spin the grey head (5Q) 1/4 or 1/2 arround so it is ajusted.

Readust every time you change the matrice.

Maintenance and Conservation

Lubricate it always with a few drops of oil: the lateral hole (O) a the axis (U) removing the grey head (Q) and dropping the oil inside (arround three are enough).

This equipment was designed and mufactured to provide small maintenance and maximum durability, but avoid making works/fixating acessories that require external pressure.

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