CLIP Button


CLIP Button



Avaliable sizes: 45mm, 55mm and 65mm.

Unset alluminum buttons: top part, bottom part, plastic cover and plastic clip

Sets with 100 units of each part to manufacture buttons

You don't have to pierce your clothing!


01 package of the top part with 100 units

01 package of the bottom part with 100 units

01 package of plastic clips with 100 units

01 package of plastic covers with 100 units

There are two options: with Cardenas name printed of the buttons, and without.

If you want without the band name, place your order and after you finish it send and email to asking for the "button without the brand".

Attention! Cardenas buttons only fit our matrices and machines. Other bands wont fit and it may ruin your Kit Button. Our matrices doesn't fit othes machines and other matrices wont fit in our machines.

The three month warranty doens't cover misuse, lack of care or any of the item above.

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