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Semiautomátic Kit


Semiautomátic Kit


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Premium Semiautomatic Kit Button makes up to 300 buttons per hour

All of them comes with a suitcase

The semiautomatic is the ideal solution for those who need to be faster and make more buttons: it's faster and much more active!

The suitcase with the Kit comes with one matrice and:

01 Plastic Suitcase with foam.

01 Special Manual Machine used to make 300 buttons per hour

01 adjustable roud cutter: cuts drawings and images of all button sizes.

01 Semiautomatic Button Matrice: used to cap buttons

1000 Sets of buttons containing all the parts needed to make 1000 buttons (tom and bottom parts, pin, pastic and plastic cover)

01 CD with all the explanations and size templates for all buttons: used to place the image in the right place with the right size to print it, plus some images ready to print. And videos with instructions to use your manual machine and manufacture your buttons.

01 rubber sheet to protect your table when using the cutter

01 Software to transform regular images in round images to make your buttons avaliable in our website (also avaliable in english):

  • Use the portuguese version of the site. Go to Produtos > Buttons > make your account

After making many different tests, we concluded that the fixador is not the best solution to the Semiautomatic Manual Machine. Our suggestion, based on tests, is to make holes on the center of your table to fasten your machine better.

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